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Derek Ecklund began Columbia River Sound Map Project, an ongoing, online sound installation, to document the sonic geography of the Columbia River. By using geo-tagging, site specific audio field recordings are mapped to their lattitude and longitude coordinates, at their point of origin along the river.

Located in the Pacific Northwest of North America, The Columbia River, begins near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in British Columbia, Canada, and travels over a thousand miles to the Pacific Ocean, on the West Coast of Oregon and Washington, in the Western United States. The Columbia is a major geological force, an immense resource and source of livelyhood throughout the Northwest. This project is an ongoing sound composition and aural history; sounding the river's story from the source to the sea.

Why sound map? By sound mapping, we are more closely aligning soundscape to landscape. The sonic environments along, in, and around the river become the seeds of an ever-evolving aural composition, revealing the river, the landscape it flows through, and our relationship to it.

Special thanks to Webaissance for site architecture and programming assistance. Columbia River drawing by Sally Lackaff And, thanks to Cameron Wagner for assistance in the field.