A Tribute To Pandit Pran Nath
A Different Nature KBOO 90.7 FM Portland, Oregon
  Pandit Pran Nath  


Monday, August 22, 2011: A Different Nature presents a special three-hour tribute to Pandit Pran Nath and the American Kirana lineage: music inspired and influenced by Pran Nath and his disciples Terry Riley & La Monte Young. Tonight's host Daniel will be joined in studio by Michael Stirling, himself a disciple of Pandit Pran Nath, and a student of Terry Riley. Mr. Stirling will discuss Pran Nath and his legacy, and during the third hour of the program, will offer a raga of the late evening accompanied by Aran Adams on tabla. Mr. Stirling will also introduce the other composer/performers, most of whom are raga students of his. Works to be performed include: John Berendzen: "Air Objects part 2"; Derek Ecklund: “Planetary Sine Wave Organ ”; Scott Goodwin: “Referent”; Matthew Carlson: “Untitled”. The composers will be joining us in the KBOO studio to provide some background on their work. To read more about Pandit Pran Nath and the American avant-garde underground, here is an excellent article -- http://www.bidoun.org/magazine/20-bazaar/lord-of-the-drone-pandit-pran-nath-and-the-american-underground-by-alexander-keefe/